The altitude of the vineyards (900 m+) helps to obtain optimal ripening of the grapes and good polyphenol levels and low yields. The vineyards are an average of 80 years old, with a thin, unfertile organic topsoil with limestone rock underneath and situated in the area of La Revilla, Santa María, El Obispo y El Buey.


Prior to stripping, the whole grapes are placed in small 10,000 kg fermentation vats where they are macerated for 5-7 days at 8ºC-10ºC, thereby achieving an extraordinarily fine aromatic extraction. Carefully monitored alcoholic fermentation is carried out with indigenous yeasts for 14 days, which allowed for an excellent extraction of colour and sweet tannins. The wine is kept in contact with the skins for a further 16 days in order to achieve a perfect rounding.


Malolactic fermentation takes place exclusively in casks made from French oak from the forest of Bertrange. The wine rests in barrels for another 8-9 months before being bottled.


Colour: Deep cherry red colour with an appealing brightness in the glass.
Nose: Impressive palette of fruits on the nose, with a deep aroma of fresh grapes in the foreground, accompanied by aromas of redcurrant, blackcurrant and blackberry. It later brings fruit compote and gentle cocoa and mentholated aromas, typical of the Bertrange cask, which is integrated to perfection within the aromatic ensemble.
Palate: A good attack in the mouth which demonstrates its good structure, with some sweetness brought about by an excellent glycerine which rounds the tasting. Balanced tannins and acidity.
Food matches: Ideal with roasted game, such as venison or partridge, as well as red meats and dark chocolate.