“Esencia”in Spain means “Of The Essence” this wine is the essence of the selected fruit, thereafter the best and most careful winemaking is applied to craft this “gem”. Two cultures and two different winemaking styles but a common goal brought together this premium project that believes is Spain´s excellent terroir to make great quality wines.


Production this year was lower due to lack of rain and the high temperatures that continued at the end of the vegetative cycle, which also induced the start of the harvest to mid-September. The dry weather  required more exhaustive care of the vineyard, but also meant that grape health was excellent, with very low incidence of diseases. The intensity of the wines is medium-high, with complex aromas of ripe fruit. The resulting wines are well structured, with good colour, longevity and top quality.


Cold maceration during 4 days followed by controlled alcoholic fermentation at 28ºC.

The selection of grapes is done with the help of  Vistalys, the latest optical selection table from Bucher Vaslin, which carries out a strict control so that only perfect berries go through. The stalks are removed from the grapes without squeezing them. Grapes are maintained in controlled  conditions, with long macerations at low temperatures in oak casks with the cap submerged. The must is naturally pumped over using gravity in order to achieve the best extraction of polyphenols.


The wine is aged for a total of 18 months in new Amarican oak.


Colour: This is a highly-concentrated, dark cherry-red wine.
Nose: A lively, delicate nose with licorice and leather aromas, with hints of black pepper. It keeps the essential aromas of compote fruit.
Palate: It is ample and fleshy and has elegance, complexity and power. On the palate, it shows soft tannins and licorice, a velvety structure and a long, delicious and persistent finish.
Food matches: Red meats, stews, game, cured cheeses.