Grapes for this wine are sourced from vineyards of at leat 50 years of age with low yields and hand picked, located around the villages of Villabuena, Samaniego, Leza, Navaridas and Baños de Ebro. The intensity of the wine resulting is medium-high, with complex aromas of ripe fruit.


85% old vine Tempranillo and 15% other varieties. The grapes are cold macerated for 72 hours on arrival at the winemaking cellar. They undergo fermentation at 26º C in sealed, cement tanks under constant thermal control, with the must pumped over daily. With the paste devatted by gravity, spontaneous malolactic fermentation takes place after 45 days.


The wine is aged in barrels of medium toasted American and French oak. The total period in barrels is 18 months. The barrel ageing not only adds tannins from the wood, but stabilises the wine naturally. After the final racking, it is clarified in tanks, decanted after 30 days and bottled directly without any type of filtration. Because this wine’s evolutionary cycle is quite slow, only corks of the highest quality available are used to ensure long ageing potential.


Colour: High layer and brilliant look; the colour is garnet in the centre and cherry around the edges.
Nose: Complex variety of aromas which combine to give us an intense, sophisticated wine. Initially we can find very ripe berry fruits, smoked victuals, raisins and liquor. After a certain amount of aeration, the cinnamon and jam notes surface and, with a little more time, the roasted and spiced aromas are noticed more clearly.
Palate: Full, with a good presence of the tannins, although these are offset by the glycerine-like character, resulting in a fleshy feel. Long lasting and lingering.
Food matches: Roasts, lamb dishes, game and cured ham.