When Gorka Izagirre decided to use his full name for the first of his Basque white wines, he was obviously committing himself to making a top-quality wine.


Rainfall and sunlight are essential for ripening the grapes and making the Gorka Izagirre wine. The varieties of grapes used to make this special wine are Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Zerratia. The grapes are harvested and transported to the winery in 15kg boxes.


The must is stabilised statically for 36 hours at 10ºC in an inert environment and the purest part of the must is separated to ferment at 14ºC. Following alcoholic fermentation, the wine is racked and tasted.


To make the Gorka Izagirre, the variety Hondarrabi Zerratia undergoes sur-lie ageing for approximately 2.5 months to give the wine weight and length on the palate. Once the ageing is over, the final coupage is performed to ensure all the wine to be bottled is homogeneous. The ensuing gradual process of cleaning and bottling of the Basque white wine lasts for an entire year.


Colour: Nice, yellow straw-coloured, with a green shine and metallic iridescence.
Nose: A highly intense aroma. It combines a base of fresh apple and balsamic wrap with touches of linden flower and a subtle hint of citrus.
Palate: It has perfectly integrated acidity, which leaves you with a slightly tart aftertaste. Very lively with body, long aftertaste.
Food matches: The Gorka Izagirre is the ideal Basque white wine for the wine lover who searches for authenticity and wants to experience the terroir of Bizkaia. An evolution of traditional txakoli wines, it is equally refreshing, adding a body and weight that were lacking in this winegrowing area. As an ideal aperitif, Gorka Izagirre is a perfect match with Basque pintxos. It also goes well with seafood and shellfish, and is a delightful accompaniment to poultry.