G22 was born from the desire to develop a new concept of txakoli. The name is derived from the selection of Hondarrabi Zerratia grapes from two unique vineyards, which are then fermented and aged on the lees in two different tanks.


The grapes are picked at the end of the growth cycle, when the weather is marked by lower rainfall and southerly winds, which leads to natural concentration of sugar in the grapes. The fruit produces optimal levels of alcohol and acidity, an excellent combination for the making of a first-class Basque white crianza wine. The grape variety used to make this special wine is Hondarrabi Zerratia. The berries are picked and immediately transported to the winery in 15kg boxes.


Destemmed clusters are kept in a container filled with carbon dioxide at 14ºC for the berries to macerate before fermentation. After the 12-hour maceration, the must is carefully pressed in bladder presses and then stabilised statically for 36 hours at 10ºC in an inert environment and the purest part of the must is separated to ferment at 14ºC. Following alcoholic fermentation, the wine is racked and tasted.


While the fine lees are still suspended in the wine, sur-lie ageing begins and lasts eight months. Bâtonnage, or hand stirring of the lees, is done once a day during the first three months, and then less frequently until the ageing is over. At the end of the ageing process, the yeast cells are removed and the wine undergoes a process of clarification and cleaning that takes 4 months. G22 by Gorka Izagirre is bottled after 12 months grape harvesting and fully matures in 6 months before released on the market.


Colour: Clean, iridescent, with an extremely elegant presence. With yellow adornments and intense, bright-green hues that highlight its freshness.
Nose: First sensation is pear, ripe apple and grapefruit, leading to a secondary sensory level of complexity combining white flower essences with hints of lemon balm, lime blossom, white nettle, and fennel seeds.
Palate: It is full and dense. The nice fruity sensation always allows space for floral and balsamic essences on the after taste. Very complex.
Food matches: It can be a perfect aperitif wine but where it shines is on the table, accompanying seafood, fish with powerful sauces and even meats.