We strive to achieve healthy, low-yielding vines and grapes with a great aromatic and colorimetric concentration. Old vineyards of an average age of 65 years located in the area of Samaniego and in the foothills of Sierra Cantabria. Sustainable manual agriculture in harmony with nature is practiced. The harvesting is carried out on dry sunny days, with grapes ripening to their optimum level to maintain healthiness and contribute to quality, high altitude Garnacha grapes; very different to those Garnachas from Rioja Baja and Aragon that have higher sugar and less aroma and acidity, resulting in higher alcohol ripe wines.


100% Granacha. The grapes are hand-selected using vibration and sorting tables. The stalks are removed from the grapes without squeezing them. Controlled, long macerations at low temperatures in French oak casks with the cap submerged. The cap is kept moist using the delestage method of gravity in order to achieve the best extraction of the polyphenols. The pressing is carried out using a vertical pneumatic press, and the malolactic fermentation then takes place in French oak barrels. Cold-hot barrel ageing room temperature variation is used at specific times to help the malolactic fermentation process and the stabilisation of the wine.


The wine is aged for 14 months in French oak barrels and bottled directly without any type of filtration or clarification.


Colour: Lively dark cherry-red colour.
Nose: An elegant nose, with floral touches and subtle scents of red fruit. Complex and aromatic.
Palate: Balance between its pleasant tannins and its acidity. It shows graceful, bright, fruit flavours which are smooth, leading to a long mineral aftertaste.
Food matches: This wine pairs well with beef, chicken, pasta with red sauce, seasonal soups and tangy cheeses.soups and tangy cheeses.