Eneko Atxa, one of the best chefs in the world, oversees the kitchen at the Azurmendi restaurant, which is located on the grounds of the Gorka Izagirre winery. In recognition of the parallels between the work Eneko performs at Azurmendi, and the dedication and care given to the Gorka Izagirre vineyards, the winery decided to honour him by creating a special wine in his name. 42 by Eneko Atxa, the first wine to incorporate French oak casks in this winery, is an expression of true gratitude for his support. The name of the wine represents the 42 days it spent in wood casks on its first vintage, and is inspired by Eneko’s passion, creativity and innovation.


The grapes are picked at the end of the growth cycle, when the weather is marked by lower rainfall and southerly winds, which leads to natural concentration of sugar in the grapes. The fruit results in optimal levels of alcohol and acidity, an excellent combination for the making of a first-class Basque white crianza wine. The grape variety used to make this special wine is Hondarrabi Zerratia. The berries are picked and immediately transported to the winery in 15kg boxes to prevent pre-fermentation.


The making of the 42 by Eneko Atxa begins with the must from Hondarrabi Zerratia grapes. The clean must is poured into a fine-grained French fermentation oak casks from the Allary Tonnellerie in France. The must undergoes a long, cold fermentation before it is racked and stored for approximately 7 months on the lees in Inox. Finally, following a series of racking and decanting in stainless steel tanks for at least 4 months, the wine is bottled.


Approximately 18 months after the harvest, 42 by Eneko Atxa is bottled and stored for further ageing, which helps the wood integrate better into the wine and lets the character of the grape fully develop, preventing any excess of wood aromas or flavours.


Colour: Golden yellow colour with green hues, clean and bright.
Nose: It has clean and intense aromas of ripe fruit and citrus. Aromas of toasted bread and pastry, typical of oak aging.
Palate: Powerful and silky palate with a ripe and ample base, with notes of citrus and tropical fruits accompanied by smoky, toasted and buttery subtle notes; all wrapped in fresh acidity that promises a long life and fantastic evolution of the wine. Intense and tasty.
Food matches: This wine benefits from the character of the Hondarrabi Zerratia grape and the protection of the fine-grain French oak barrel, which gives it elegance and structure. It pairs well with fish, meat and cheese, but its body makes it a versatile choice to enjoy with a multitude of recipes. We encourage you to follow Eneko’s example and always experiment.