Villa Conchi Brut Imprerial, the grand bet of Cava

A fresh, vibrant and very authentic personality explains the success of  cava at the international market. Year after year, the Spanish sparkling wine par excellence spreads its popularity throughout the world, while reinforcing an image of quality and style.

Villa Conchi, the cava from Araex-Spanish Fine Wines, is an ideal reference to understand the evolution that is currently shaping the category in the global scenario: sales keep going up, riding on the quality of the product and the classiness of its presentation, brimming with refinement and good taste.

With the aim of paying a tribute to Conchi, a woman who loved French sparkling wines, our Cava is a tribute to women around the world.

A careful selection of vineyards in the heart of Catalunya, protected by the mountain of Montserrat, has been the main production center of Villa Conchi. Our Cavas aim to present a fresher style from a Mediterranean climate: the altitude of the plots has the crucial advantage of cooler temperatures during the night, which help us obtain grapes with a pleasant acidity. And the clever use of the Chardonnay variety in the blend brings us more fruity and elegant notes.

Villa Conchi is full of pleasures and emotions to share in good company. It is certainly the best way to start enjoying the fine “Tapas culture”.