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ARAEX Grands winegrowers, stars in the movie “The Duel of Wine”

Last week, the production crew visited several winegrowers and locations in Rioja Alavesa and Vitoria to shoot the new italian-argentinian film “The Duel of Wine”, sequel to “The Way of Wine”.

The main character is the renowned international sommelier of basque ancestry Charlie Arturaola. After losing his palate in the […]

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  • Thursday 18 de September de 2014
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Gran sello, renovated label of a “Grand Wine”

There has always been strength in numbers, especially when united by a common purpose. ARAEX & Spanish Fine Wines was founded under this concept in 1993 when 12 family-owned estates from throughout Spain decided to get together to promote their wines around the world.

Since its inception, ARAEX has believed […]

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  • Thursday 18 de September de 2014
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Villa Conchi Brut Imprerial, the grand bet of Cava

A fresh, vibrant and very authentic personality explains the success of  cava at the international market. Year after year, the Spanish sparkling wine par excellence spreads its popularity throughout the world, while reinforcing an image of quality and style.

Villa Conchi, the cava from Araex-Spanish Fine Wines, is an ideal […]

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  • Thursday 18 de September de 2014