Pazo Señorans, pioneer in vineyard management using Big Data & Internet of Things

Thanks to a new technological solution, Pazo de Señorans is capable of continuously observing the vineyard’s condition (remote sensing, sensors, meteorological factors, etc.), which, combined with an artificial intelligence app and machine learning, makes it possible for the Galician wine cellar’s team to optimise decisions in terms of fertilisation, plague control and collection, for example, in addition to other aspects inherent to vine growing, even attaining replicable controlled crop quality.

This technology helps to optimise processes in the field of vine growing, based on precision agriculture. The platform is supported on the cloud by Microsoft Azure IoT and Bing Maps.

This digital transformation has made it possible for Pazo de Señorans to access a range of information on its vineyard from a single point of access, with its ease of use and accessibility from any mobile device worth particular note. One of the platform’s strong points is the multiple opportunities for integration with services offered by other providers, such as the inclusion of information from drone flights, data exchange with ERPs, etc. Now, Pazo de Señorans is more competitive, has sped up its decision-making process and has reduced operating costs.

Amongst the benefits that the wine cellar has obtained thanks to Azure IoT, Manuel Becerra Castro, Technical Engineer and Field Manager at Pazo de Señorans, asserts that “this technology offers us the opportunity to enhance our knowledge of the vineyard, being more ecologically sustainable, optimising production and improving both grape and production quality”.

To this end, we have chosen the Azure IoT platform and Bing Maps, ahead of other options, given that the resolution is better in maps of rural areas, the guarantee that data is stored in Europe, lower costs and the power of the service offered by the Microsoft Cloud”.