24 years ago
we decided that our wines deserved to be shared. That’s why we made them travel, to tell everyone about the quality of Spanish premium wines and the confidence we have in them. As part of our commitment with the highest standards, ARAEX Grands Spanish Fine Wines is pioneering quality control systems that comply with ISO, BRC and IFS protocols.

Our partner winegrowers are involved in a long-term innovation process that is vital to continue offering great wines. This action develops in different directions, from agricultural practices to health research.

winegrowers work to ensure long-term and sustainable farming. They have implemented a carbon footprint control programme to comply with norm PAS2050, which provides the most reliable and consistent method worldwide for assessing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, we are fostering the adaptation of the vineyards and wines to the new global warming reality.

Precision viticulture is a project to reduce the impact and successful adaptation of climate change. A pionerring project, together with Cenit Demeter and Bodegas Labastida, that has developed a map which classifies Bodegas Labastida’s soils by type, origin and depth. Thanks to this comprehensive study, the winegrower determines which are the most suitable varieties and rootstocks for its plots and the nutritional needs of the vineyards.
An innovation project with the aim of developing a system to predict wine quality based on the study of biogenic amine levels, a substance present in wine. This group of components, which includes histamines, develops naturally during the vinification process and is responsible for several negative effects on consumers, such as headaches or somnolence.
Project developed from January 2008 – May 2012.
Carbon Footprint is the total set of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person. ARAEX Grands Spanish Fine Wines is engaged with this project to reduce or compensate the emissions of all our winegrowers.
Project developed from September 2010