Explore Pazo Señorans oldest soils of Galicia close to the sea

Pazo Señorans is located in the Rías Baixas appellation, which is currently made up of 5 sub-zones. All these sub-zones are lowlands, with an altitude of less than 300 metres, some plots are situated close to the sea and the river estuaries. With extensive rainfall and mild temperatures, the appellation enjoys excellent weather conditions for growing white vines, which are planted on poor, fine, acid and sandy soils.

The Atlantic sea is providing a microclimate of soft temperatures the whole year long. Santiago de Compostela (the final destination of the pilgrims following El Camino de Santiago) is very close to the winegrower too.

The terroir is a very special one. Pazo wines come from more than 500 small plots of vineyard spread through the area. Granite is the dominant element, within a sandy structure, producing a very short yield because of the low nutrient content and the high acidity levels.
All this is creating the particular mineral and complex palate of the wine and its high acidity and long life lasting.