Our responsibility towards people and the environment

Our ethics and commitment

At Araex Grands we believe in doing our bit to ensure a fairer, more supportive, respectful, cohesive and sustainable world. We have the firm conviction that our small actions can make a difference and that is why we relate ethically and responsibly with all our winemakers and with the communities we serve.

Culture of

Social responsability


The current social, economic and environmental context requires a global and profound commitment. We are very aware of the complexity of the challenge and therefore we assume our co-responsibility.

Our commitment is to achieve excellence through responsibility towards our environment. That is why we promote sustainable and healthy projects and that is why we declare our firm will to:

Share and contribute to the idea that the construction of a more sustainable and caring world is possible.

Value concepts such as responsibility, solidarity, tolerance, respect, effort and shared benefit.

Commit to the local development of our environment.

Promote social equity and non-discrimination by gender, religion, race or culture.

Promote respect for the environment.

Bring Social Responsibility closer to present and future generations through training and awareness.