Our “Raison d’Être”:

Decades of winemaking and a deep expertise in building international premium wine brands: this is the formula that has driven our firm, ARAEX Grands Spanish Fine Wines, to leadership in Spanish wine exports.

ARAEX Grands Spanish Fine Wines has twice been named Spain’s best export firm: first in 2001 by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, and again in 2009 by the leading Spanish industry publication, “Mercados del Vino y la Distribución“.

Our winegrowers are involved in a long-term innovation process that is vital to continue offering great wines. This action develops in different directions, from agricultural practices to research on health.

Our Philosophy:

In today´s world, so globalized, interdependent, unequal and complex, it becomes more necessary than ever that each and all of us contribute with our little something, in the personal and professional sphere, to make it a more-just place, respectful, cohesive,  solidarity-focussed, responsible and sustainable. We acknowledge that we’re living a change of era in which a new culture of Shared Social Responsibility, of co-responsibility, is crucial. Being co-responsible is to share and to participate in this indispensable and inexorable social change. For all these reasons, we declare our decided purpose of:

Sharing and contributing to the idea that building a more solidarity-focussed and sustainable world is possible, putting in action values such as responsibility, solidarity, tolerance, respect, effort and shared benefit.

Practicing co-responsibility with all our surroundings, committed to it´s local development, pushing forward social equity and non-discrimination by reason of genre, religion, race or culture, as well as respect for the environment.

Bringing Social Responsibility closer to society, to ordinary citizens, to the present and future generations, through education and sensibilisation, so all of us act responsibly in our daily acts.

Why Are We Socially Responsible?

Being faithful to our values and philosophy, we’re morally obliged to share in an ethical way, to deal with conflicts, to manage risks, etc. They pose the challenge of considering certain aspects of our behaviour, the relationships among ourselves, with our customers and with the communities we serve.

Each of us at ARAEX Grands Spanish Fine Wines makes sure to always adhere to these values in our work, since our personal actions make the difference in our treatment of the customer and in excellence.