Jose Antonio Merayo realised his life-long dream of creating his own winemaking project, his choice of the Rueda Appellation was not arbitrary. The Duero River flows through the region’s northwestern corner and several tributaries branch off from the river to form soils that are perfect for cultivating grapes. The appellation, located at 700 to 800 metres above sea-level, consists of flat highlands, with very long, cold winters, short springs with late frosts, and dry, hot summers, only altered by infrequent storms.

This factor
forces the vines to search for their water resources deep underground, resulting in grapes with perfectly balanced levels of sugar and acidity. Today, Val de Vid owns 20 hectares of vineyards and controls another 60 hectares in the area of La Seca in the heart of Rueda, which are planted exclusively with the Verdejo variety. Using the latest technology combined with traditional vinification methods, they craft white wines of exceptional quality and a singular expression of the soil and climate.