the Toro Appellation was created in 1987, Roberto San Ildefonso from Rioja was one of only a handful of winemakers who saw the region’s true potential. His winemaking facility, Finca Sobreño, was one of the first ten in the new appellation, which today includes over 50 producers.

Finca Sobreño’s
first vintage in 1998 soon started earning acclaim and became known as “the new star of the Douro.” It sits among 24 hectares of vineyards but it owns a total of 80, including 25 of certified organic vines. These vineyards are an average age of 30 years old and many vines are pre-phylloxera, meaning that they are un-grafted. The resulting wines are clean, bright and balanced, with the deep, intense colour that is characteristic of the highly regarded wines from Toro.